drop biscuits

quiet day today. knitting, reading, humming to music.  right now i’m making soup and baking drop biscuits.  just like mom used to make.  how domestic.  really, i just wanted some warm, crusty bread and didn’t want to go all the way to the store.  then it occurred to me that i could make my own.   flour, butter, milk, baking powder, salt . . . and voila – you’ve got biscuits.

andy is at school studying.  finals this week.  i’m making sure his brain is well fed. 

some random notes:

1. i’ve watched amelie two and a half times in the last week.
2. i’ve been sipping and savoring mary oliver’s poetry like a warm cup of tea 
3. i’m committed to finishing the book thief by wednesday
4. i’m still dreaming about the bluebird.  fell in love with the atmosphere they’ve created.  appreciate the thought and intention they’ve put into their beer and wine selection as well as their menu. 
5. am in love with this jacket
6. am laughing at this blog

i think i’ll venture into the city tomorrow.  i’ll take the train.  going to meet up with a lovely friend of a friend for a bite or a tea or something.

i leave you with this recently snapped image:

messages in bottles . . .

messages in bottles . . .


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