little honey

sounds : little honey :: lucinda williams
(rockin new album)



all was white and quiet when i woke this morning. snow.  after peering out the blinds toward the chilly saint joseph river, i padded my way to the kitchen and turned the water on for coffee.  making my own these days: adventures with the french press.  yesterday i ground the beans too fine and tasted the resulting bitterness.   today i allowed for a little more chunk and texture. 

i have time.  time for experimenting.  time for imperfection.  i’m catching my breath.  the room isn’t spinning as fast anymore.  i can make out shapes.  i can pick out shadows and light and colors.


One thought on “little honey

  1. Joe

    Yo, Yo. Very cool Blog. Looks good. Keep it up. Post it on facebook. Get the word out, but don’t let it become a stress.

    We miss you, hope you are having a great time.

    Make the pics bigger maybe?


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